What is Funnel?

Driving your visitors from your e-commerce website to take certain actions is a way of making optimized funnel campaign. Maybe you want them to make a purchase, sign up, or fill out a form. When someone does something you want them to do, it’s known as a conversion. The visitor converts from browsing through taking the action you want them to take.

A funnel is the set of steps a visitor needs to go through before they can reach the conversion. Think about the Amazon purchase funnel. There are a few steps a visitor has to go through before they can purchase a product. Here’s how it looks:

Visit Amazon.com
View a product
Add a product to the cart
And purchase

Why is the set of steps to conversion called a “funnel”? Because at the beginning of the process, there are a lot of people who take the first step. Then, as the people continue along and take the next steps, some of them drop out, and the size of the crowd thins or narrows. (And even further along in the process, your sales team gets involved to help close the deal.)

T-REX Optimized Funnel Campaign

That’s why T-REX built funnels that engage customer into more conversions. As you observe the funnel campaign there are a lot of different page title. These pages convince the customers about what they want to buy, giving them some discounts, and offering matching bundles before they reach purchase page. This kind of funnel makes your e-commerce business generate more sales especially when you are running your ads.

A Facebook ad is one of the most effective ad engagements nowadays because of billions of people around there. People flocks in different pages in Facebook because of their interest, with this we can simply gain a traffic that leads us to conversions. However, we can also target people or audiences in some other way to promote your products or services. Here are some options on targeting audience in Facebook: Custom Audience, Location, Demographic targeting (age, gender relationships, education, finances, and life events), Interest targeting, Behaviors, Connections and Others.