Benefits and How to Set up New Mailer in WordPress Using T-REX

TREX new mailer uses an html, plain text and template option that gives users a freedom to design when making direct email marketing. A simple email cannot attract customer at a simple glance. The best way to attract customer is to make an eye-catching email with a good title and description that you can offer.

What is mailer in online marketing?

Mailer in online marketing is an email letter that advertises something or appealing for marketing purposes in ecommerce. It uses software or an application that sends direct email to their customers. However, some other company uses a new mailer platform on their email marketing online. Mailers can sent out to a large number of people or directly to customers, this can be called “Direct-email”. The term mailer is sometimes used to refer to a new mailer sending email or other direct communications.

A good email content for your new mailer can be like this.

LOGOPromote your brand with your best logo.

HEADER SICTIONAdds a subject, title and a good description to your email.

MAIN IMAGEDisplay your main product with image to engage customer overview about what did you offer.

COUPONThis can be used for discount offers, a good looking with exciting discount coupon can attract customer.

PRODUCTSPromote your some featured products in this way customers attract not only for your main product.

TESTIMONIALS – Having testimonials in your product tends customers trust to your brand, website, product and company.

What are the benefits of Direct-email marketing?

Cost Effective

Direct-email advertising is cost effective. Companies can easily design colorful or eye-appealing brochures with their computers and desktop. They use software or application to achieve their design. Companies can have thousands of copies to be send to their respective target customer. Additionally, a company can email out smaller quantities of a direct-email advertisement as a test. Once the company determines that the first mailing is successful, it can increase the number of email pieces in subsequent mailings.

Highly Flexible

Direct-email advertising is highly flexible. A small company can use templates to market its wares to save on costs. Small investors can also include free samples and discount of products in their mailings. A business owner can generally include as much information as she desires in a direct-email campaign, depending on how much she/he wants to spend.